Extra listening: Social media - what do you think?

Listen to four people being interviewd about their social media habits, and then work with the tasks below.

social media




Asking and answering

Work in pairs. Take turns asking each other questions about the interviews and about your own opinions on the topics being discussed.


Interviewee 1: Mark

  1. How does Mark use the internet?
  2. What is the main issue Mark is talking about?
  3. What points does he make?
  4. Do you think he concludes on a positive or a negative note?
  5. Do you agree with his concluding opinion? Why – or why not?

Interviewee 2: Debbie

  1. How does Debbie use the net?
  2. What points does she make?
  3. What do you think about using social media to show public sympathy?
  4. What political aspect of social media does Debbie mention?
  5. How dependent is Debbie oN social media?

Interviewee 3: Dianne

  1. What use has Dianne found for Facebook?
  2. There are two ways she attracts new customers. What are they?
  3. Do you think this is a good idea? Why, why not?
  4. Can you think of any other ways to use social media for advertising?

Interviewee 4: Clarence

  1. What is Clarence’s attitude to the net?
  2. What points does he make?
  3. Do you accept his argument against putting things on the net? Why – or why not?
  4. Should private individuals have the right to demand that something be “unpublished”?