Practise your critical sense

Further down this page you will find a number of questions and a collection of websites to investigate. If you need more guidance before answering the questions, see relevant links at the bottom of the page.

credibility Check the websites below with the following questions in mind:




  1. Is it clear who has written the information?
  2. Are the aims of the site clear?
  3. Does the site achieve its aims?
  4. Is the site relevant to me?
  5. Can the information be checked?
  6. When was the site produced?
  7. Is the information biased in any way?
  8. Does the site tell you about choices open to you?

(Questions taken from the Quality Information Checklist website –
When you have used the questions to analyse a website you should come up with a final conclusion: Is this website reliable or not?
Websites to investigate: