Listening: Chapter 2

Note: The following tracks are on the Access to International English Teacher CDs and in the Unibok version of the textbook. This is because we do not have the rights to publish free audio versions of these texts.

  • Like Mexicans
  • Salaam Brick Lane
  • Wherever I Hang
  • Island Man
  • A Family Supper
  • Paper Menagerie


  • Introduction: The Challenge of Cultural Variety 9:24
  • Focus: Multiculturalism in the English-Speaking World 27:10
  • Case: Canada: Proudly Multicultural 2:23
  • Case: Brexit Wasn't about Economics / Poles Looking to leave the UK after Brexit 4:15
  • Case: This Multiculuralism Debate is Not about Culture 2:09
  • Case: Arizona's Undocumented Immigrants Live in a Climate of Fear 3:23
  • Case: Of Mosques and Men 3:54
  • Case: Building a Wall around America? 2:38
  • Case: Multicultural Australia: A Work in Progress 2:50
  • Leicester City - More than Football 4:08