Listening: Chapter 1

Note: The following tracks are on the Access to International English Teacher CDs and in the Unibok version of the textbook. This is because we do not have the rights to publish free audio versions of these texts.

  • Twitter Stories
  • Die Spy
  • Q&A: Prologue


  • Introduction: Media in Motion 5:38
  • Focus: The Digital Revolution 12:34
  • Case: Cash for Catastrophes? 3:24
  • Case: How Social Media Have Changed Politics 2:46
  • Case: Edward Snowden - Champion of Freedom or Traitor? 2:52
  • The 24/7 World 17:20
  • Case: Kim Kardashian vs. Climate Change: There's Only One Winner 3:16
  • Cutting the Cord: Television in Tumult 7:18