Shaffiulah's Journey

Shafiullah is from a small village in war-torn Afghanistan, the eldest brother in a family whose father was killed in a revenge attack. He saw no future for himself in his village – nothing but poverty – and the girl he was in love with was out of his league. Shafiullah decided to set out for the place of his dreams, a place he has heard about all through his childhood because of a boy from his village who emigrated there – Neasden in London.

Border control at Calais, France Border control at Calais, France

Read about Shafiullah's journey through Europe on page 152 and work with the tasks in the textbook and below.

Homeless and hungry: Ben Judah on the dark side of London

The writer Ben Judah grew up in London, but he says it's changed so much in recent years he no longer knows whether he loves the city or fears it. His new book is called This is London: Life and Death in the World City. He made this film for BBC Newsnight.