When Terrorism Goes Global / The Pointless Death of a Brainwashed Teenage Bride

globe grenade The impact of global terrorism on our daily lives has been dramatic. At the practical and trivial level there is the tediousness of airport security, the baggage scans and the body searches. Less trivial is the real sense of anxiety that has become a part of what were once seen as pleasurable activities – travel and attending large sporting and cultural events. The security measures put in place to ensure our safety – both in the public arena and more generally as civil societies – have created new controversies. The surveillance required in order to uncover threats to democracy and liberty runs the risk of becoming itself a threat to those very values.

The article on p. 160 and the newspaper column on p. 168 deal with different sides of the global threat of terrorism.

Exclusive report: Islamist Terrorism in the UK

The BBC Sunday Politics has had sight of a major new report into Islamist Terrorism in the UK.